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Charlii Sebunya

Journalist/Producer, Charlii Sebunya, in true New York fashion, consistently tackles his assignments with precision, leaving his interviewees pleasantly surprised by his quick understanding of their background.

He always stands out with his unmistakable British accent, sleek suits, and a smile that adds to the essence that is "Charlii"

Adriana Kaegi

Executive Producer, Adriana, the visionary behind LLC, serves as the founder and executive producer/preditor of this dynamic media asset creation and publication service company. Focused on lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment content, has garnered significant success under her leadership.

Her list of accomplishments is extensive, including pioneering work in streaming media. In 1997-1998, she created the first-ever interactive live web series at the Knitting Factory and played a pivotal role in the inaugural live webcast of New York Fashion Week with and as distribution partners during her tenure at Globix

Gita Cellei, is our London Correspondent. Her energy, and curiosity are contagious, she is full of surprises and dares to take chances.

Stefaniya Makarova, is our Social Media Content Creator, when she is not advocating for Petite Models.

Tania Rubis, is an experienced journalist and producer.(Preditor). She has a charming accent, which you also hear onher Radio show. 

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