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Gita Omri Spring 2024

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Gita Omri presented her new collection "Marriage is a Wonderland" at Wonderland Dreams which transported you to a modern-day Alice and Wonderland dream world. Models walked the runway through each of the curated rooms that were inspired by Alice and Wonderland. The collection was a combination of 70s disco and 80s glam, prioritizing sequins, florals, bright pinks, and color-blocking. The most impressive part of this show was the model inclusivity, each runway look was shown twice on two different models with different body types.

It is evident that Gita Omri's collection celebrated beauty in all its forms, and that her designs were made to be embraced by people of all sizes. This ensured that everyone could find a piece related to their personal style. It celebrated the beauty of imperfection, the dance of contrasts, and the wonder of love in all its forms. "With this collection, I wanted to explore these concepts by using the grey and rose color stories as the visual representations of the complexities of being in a long-term relationship. Just like in Wonderland, you never know what or who is going to come around the next bend. All you can expect is whatever will come your way will be wonderful in its own way and as long as you travel together you will always be home,” said designer Gita Omri.

This collection overall transported you into a different dimension where all bodies and welcomed and loved, and there is playfulness in what you are wearing!

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