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Where To Shop Mindfully in New York City

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

How to Shop More Consciously in New York City Without Breaking Your Wallet

thrift store picture from pinterest
Photo Sourced from Pinterest

As an avid shopper in and outside of New York City, it has been become my duty to find the best places to shop sustainably. Most of my wardrobe is either secondhand, local New York City Brands or from smaller ethically made/sourced clothing companies. It can be super overwhelming to dive into that journey and I am going to recommend some of my favorite spots in the city to find items that are less harmful to the planet.

Listed below are the stores I have come to enjoy and frequent. Let me know if you end up checking any of them out!

Price Range: $-$$$

Location: Gramercy

When I first moved to New York City, I set off on a mission to finding what thrift stores were closest to my apartment (very dangerous of me, I know ). I was delighted when I found the Vintage Thrift Shop. It immediately became a store I would just pop my head into weekly because of all the amazing finds—from antique home goods and art to vintage clothing & accessories. If you dig hard enough you will definitely find a good gem, and their proceeds also help benefit the United Jewish Council of the East Side.

vintage antique artwork
Artwork that I purchased from Vintage Thrift Shop

Price Range: $$-$$$

Location: Various Spots: Chelsea, Gramercy, Yorkville, West Village

Housing Works is another great option because they are located all over New York City and if you go when the seasons are changing items will be super discounted! Housing Works, was created to help fight and combat homeless and HIV/AIDS in those communities. There is a trend of me shopping at stores that are helping the local community, which is super important to me. They also do online auctions for the more valuable pieces that are donated to them!

Price Range: $-$$$$

Location: Chelsea

Located in Chelsea in a parking lot, vendors come out on Saturday and Sunday to sell their beautiful finds. The Chelsea Flea is one of my favorite places to shop at over the weekend, I've always enjoyed talking to the vendors and rummaging through the treasures they have at the market. I have left with art, clothing, jewelry, vintage eyeglass frames which I then turned into sunglasses, home decor and much more!

art work chelsea flea market
Beautiful piece of art I spotted last time I was at the Chelsea Flea

Price Range: $-$$$

Tangerine is a super fun concept store located in Brooklyn. Personally I love Brooklyn, I always feel right at home when I'm exploring there. It opened by two friends wanting bring you the feeling of summer while shopping their store and I totally get that vibe. They have great curated pieces such as vintage beach towels and is spot everyone should explore!

Tangerine store brooklyn
Screenshot of Tangerine's Instagram Feed

Enjoy Your Time Shopping Mindfully

Secondhand shopping and ethically shopping has really helped me find my own unique personal style and hopefully you get to try out some of my recommendations soon!

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